First International Workshop on Modeling Dynamical Systems

Modeling dynamical systems: the case of environmental and
economic phenomena and energy

The workshop aims to bring together researchers and professionals interested in techniques of modeling dynamical systems and their applications in the environment, in the energy, and in the economy. This workshop focuses on the
recent advances in these areas.
Indicative topics
! Statistical Modeling in environment and climate change;
! Modeling and forecasting extreme events;
! Modeling environmental systems;
! Optimization in environment, economy and energy systems;
! Modeling economic phenomena (Growth, diffusion of technology…);
! Applications of stochastic methods;
! Optimal management of natural resources;
! Energy systems modeling;
! Climate-energy-economy interactions modeling;
! Supply chain, transport systems and industrial processes modeling.

The workshop will include several invited speakers and regular contributed papers or posters.

Contacts :
Pr. A.ZOGLAT, UM5, FS-Rabat – Email : azoglat@gmail.com
Pr. E.EZZAHID, UM5, FSJES-Agdal – Email : ezzahidelhadj@gmail.com

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